Archangel Michael's Blue Ray of Protection

The purpose of Archangel Michael's Blue Ray of Protection is to provide protection, courage, and strength. 

It is a powerful energy that helps to cleanse and stabilize the aura, creating a shield of light and protection from negativity. 

The Blue Ray can be called upon to protect against various forms of negativity, such as energy vampires, psychic attacks, and negative attachments. 

It also helps to regain lost strength and courage, instilling a sense of security, safety, and confidence. 

Indeed, the Blue Ray of Protection serves to safeguard individuals from harm and assist in reclaiming personal power.

Unlock the Power of Divine Protection and Healing!

Are you ready to experience the profound energies of Archangel Michael's Blue Ray of Protection? Welcome to a transformative journey that empowers you with strength, courage, and unwavering security.

About the Course

In the "Archangel Michael's Blue Ray of Protection" course, you'll explore the divine energies of Archangel Michael, a powerful protector and healer. This course is your gateway to:

  • Understanding Archangel Michael: Discover the incredible role this angelic being plays as a guardian of light and a source of healing in your life.

  • Activating the Blue Ray: Learn practical techniques to activate and harness the Blue Ray of Protection, creating a shield of light against negativity.

  • Regaining Strength and Confidence: Experience the profound healing attributes of the Blue Ray, helping you recover lost faith and instilling unwavering confidence.

What You'll Gain

By the end of this course, you'll:

  • Have a deep understanding of Archangel Michael's energy and how to connect with it.

  • Be proficient in activating and using the Blue Ray of Protection to safeguard yourself from negativity.

  • Experience a renewed sense of strength, courage, and confidence to conquer life's challenges.

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8 Lessons

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Welcome to Archangel Michael’s Blue Ray of Protection

Who is Archangel Michael?

What is Blue Ray of Protection?

How to To activate Blue Ray of Protection

Self Attunement to Blue Rays of Protection


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